First Lady Mary Portis Hall, MD

It is a pleasure to serve the Lord and his people.  Temple Church of God In Christ is a blessed congregation and a special place.  Our founder, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and the pioneers of the church labored on this spot of ground for the sake of Christ and humanity.  My husband, Bishop David Allen Hall has picked up that mantle and is pursuing ministry at innovative and meaningful levels.

I am a practicing physician and know very well that institutions must serve the people or lose relevancy.  Whether one is a doctor, lawyer, brick mason or clergy there is a professional obligation to serve. The saints at Temple COGIC have their foot on the ground and are walking in the way of faith and ministry.  Clearly, we are the saints of God and chosen to represent Him in the Memphis, Tennessee and beyond.

It is my desire that our women particularly represent Christ and give Him all the glory.  Our hearts and minds are dedicated to the purpose He has given us naturally: motherhood.  The children of this world are in the hands of the mothers and women.  Temple Church is dedicated to use its facilities, energies and resources both natural and spiritual to make life better for children.  The breakdown of family life and the poor education of children are a direct challenge to their wellbeing.  So too, the spiritual life is impacted whenever the day to day essentials of life go lacking.  Here is where women in ministry can make a huge difference.  Leadership is important and Temple Church is developing women to lead.

Our pastor, Bishop David Allen Hall has given me the mandate to produce programs and opportunities for women.  The statistics demonstrate that 70% of church attendants are female and budgeting and programming activities that build relationships and foster orientations for growth and development of women is important to the ministry.  The International Department of Women has it right, “A good women will make a better home and a better home a better community.”

We have the mainline COGIC women’s ministries at Temple.  There are some genuinely fresh and innovated ministries we do at Temple Church.  I ask you to come and join us.  Be a part of a group of emerging women who believe and perform the will of God in their lives.  Come and join our Sisterhood for Christ!